My K1/K2 Fiance Visa Interview Experience

June 6, 2014 – It was my 2nd time going to US Embassy after I had my tourist visa interview way back 2012 so there is no really nervousness feeling at all.

After arriving at the US Embassy there is a separate line for Fiance Visa applicants so me and my child (as K2) easily get inside the building.

⇒ At the 1st Window  – The receipt, interview schedule print out and DS-160 Confirmation is being taken here.

⇒ At the 2nd Window – Finger Printing was taken.

⇒ 3rd Window – Collection of Requirements and short interview with Filipino consul: NBI, NSO Birth Certificate, Certificate of No Marriage or CENOMAR, 2X2 photos and latest W2 and Tax Return of the petitioner.

TIP: Have your Requirements gathered in an Expandable Folder and label each packet so it is more organized and easy to pull out documents when the consul needed.

K1 Visa Requirements in Expandable Folder

K1/K2 Visa Requirements in Expandable Folder

⇒ 4th Window – Oath Taking and Interview with American Consul.

AMERICAN CONSUL:  “How did you and your fiance met each other?

ME: “We first knew each other at work year 2010, he is in R&D Office in the US and I am here in Philippine Factory under R&D group as well exchanging e-mails and conference call with R&D group in US. And then he came down here in PI March 2011 to visit the factory and that is how we first met each other personally.” And then 2 photos with a caption was shown to the consul to prove my answer.


Philippine Factory together with Brent and some R&D Ph group

Dinner after work

Dinner after work

“After he want back to US , we began skyping each other almost daily and then he went back again to Philippine the same year to celebrate new year together with my family”. 

2012 new year_PH

2012 New Year Celebration together with my family

“Year 2012 I applied for tourist visa and met his family in US and visit some tourist spot near his area like Balboa Park, Safari Zoo San Diego and did some hiking up in Yosemite!. It was fun but it’s really tiring since I’ve been there only for 3 weeks.”


1st US Visit – 2012

yosEMITE 2012.1

Yosemite 2012

Safari Zoo 2012

Safari Zoo 2012

“And then the next year (2013) I went there again to meet his family up in Sta. Rosa CA and visit Flower Fields in San Diego.”


2nd US Visit – 2013

Flower Fields

Flower Fields – Spring 2013

 AMERICAN CONSUL: “It seems that you’ve been together for so long, that’s good, and it seems that he always like to be in a group to socialize.” While still looking at the photos again. “How was he and your son?”

ME: “They really get along well with each other because right from the start I knew he like kids like a bunch of his nephews and nieces. This trip we are excited that my son will be meeting his new cousins.” And then my son smiled!

AMERICAN CONSUL: “Ok, Congratulations! Welcome to America!” And then she handed me the Pamphlet for Domestic Violence and told me to wait for the next window for the decision of my passport and interview.

Me: Although puzzled about the domestic violence pamphlet thing, I still headed to the next window. I knew my fiance is a nice guy! 🙂

⇒ At the 5th Window – I was informed that we passed the interview and will wait for our passport to arrive after a week…. “Whew! Finally! After 3 years, the Long distance relationship is over!”

» Additional information, If Failed – The passport will be returned together with a piece of paper on what documents need to be needed in order to approve the visa unless otherwise the visa is denied.

TIPs in K1 Fiance Visa Interview:

  1. Have your requirements ready — Complete the requirements as early as possible, you don’t have to wait for NOA2 and NVC Letter to arrive to gather the requirements. As long as you already have the Case number you can start working on the requirements for  K1/K2 Visa Application and place it on the expandable folder with label on each packet so it is more organized and ready to pull out documents in case you need it. Here’s the sneak peak of the requirements  → Fiancé(e) (K-1) Required Documents
  2. Arrive at the US Embassy on time on your Interview appointment.
  3. Dress properly — There is no really dress code in going to US Embassy, however dress like you want to show you are serious in this application, like appearing in a job interview.
  4. Greet the consul and smile upon entering the designated window.
  5. It is not necessary whether you known each other for long or short period of time as long as you already met each other personally, or if not due to some cases that prevent you from meeting each other — as long as you can prove that the relationship is true and bonafide.
  6. Often times the american consul is looking for photos as strong evidence of relationship. Show pictures for every questions being answered as much as possible to show proof of your answer. I found this very effective in my experience.
  7. Chat logs may be needed but majority of the cases – the consul are not looking on those.


It is true that Long Distance Relationship is real hard, the only key to maintain is you need to trust each other, have a constant communication, have a plan of meeting each other “personally” at least once or twice a year to know each other more better and a clear plan of settling together. And be really faithful to each other while in a distance.

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15 thoughts on “My K1/K2 Fiance Visa Interview Experience

  1. Hey Donna! Thank you very much for sharing your experiences. I’m bit nervous because I applied a tourist visa two times and were denied. Our next plan is to apply for a fiancee visa. Did my previous denials affect my chances of getting a fiancee visa? Hope to hear from you. God bless you and your family.


    • Hi Yalem, thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is important as it is listed as one of the requirements in K1/K2 Visa Application in able to demonstrate that you will not be a public burden on the US tax payers for financial support. Sorry to hear that your petitioner is short of the poverty level. Aside from Form W-2 wage statements as supporting document to Form I-134, your petitioner can also include his/her pay stubs to substantiate the I-134. Read more at this link


  2. Hi Donna, thank you for sharing your experiences. Your love story gives me hope! I met my Fiancee in the Philippines with a very quick introduction by our common friend , we never had a history then (like pictures) and wasn’t came to my mind that we will come this far. We’ve just built memories here in Bahrain where am working. He visited me twice. We’ve know each other for 10 months and as a couple 8 months . I don’t have a proof of our first meeting and conversation. I cannot retrieve old messages from Viber. I started saving our communication when i said ” yes” to him. Does it affect our application or if the Consul asked a proof of our first meeting/conversation? I am preparing for my visa interview this coming week.I’m a bit nervous. Hope to hear from you 🙂


    • Hi Jenny, Thanks for your kind words. We don’t have chat logs as well, it will be a lot if I include it, I just submitted available photos I have. So you’re good, whatever evidence of relationship/photos available you have since you become a couple is sufficient already.. Good luck on your interview!


  3. Hey Donna, If there is age difference between couple is it affect in interview process. But they met twice in two year. They are In good relationship. Any comment!


    • Hi Devinder, in my case – I don’t have my fiancé with me. However I’ve seen other K1 filers during their interview at USEM with their US Citizen fiancé. Yes he/she may go to the interview with you.


  4. Hi Donna, hope you and your family are doing fine. I’m happy for you. I’m one of the people who was inspired by your story. Me and my fiance are currently processing fiance visa. Our case was approved last Aug. 4 and I’m now waiting for the letter from the Phil Embassy. It’s been more than 2 months now and seems taking long time. I’m hesitant to pay visas and schedule medical/ interview like you did as I didn’t receive the letter yet, and this is my first time (never been in the US) . Do i need to worry about that?


    • Hi Maricel, thanks for your kind words. If your USC fiancé already received the Notice of Approval you can start working on minor requirements like NBI clearance, authenticated birth certificate, cenomar, etc. The medical should be done atleast 1 week before the interview so you don’t have to prioritize it for now.


      • Hi Donna its me again Maricel. Hope your doing fine. I just want to ask another question again. I called the US embassy customer service and ask a follow up regarding my K1 application. They sent me email informing Im eligible for scheduling visa interview however I cannot proceed due to my Hongkong police clearance was not granted (as one of the requirement). The HK police was asking me a photocopy of letter from the consulate which contains my name clearly indicates the production of the certificate is required. My question is, do all K1 applicants receive letter from US embassy (or im not sure is that they call packet 3)? What does includes in that letter? Im worried i might waiting for nothing coz they already informed me via email. Assuming I dont need that letter. (hk police dont accept email). Appreciate your advice thank you


  5. Hi Ms. Donna, your story really inspired me and a lot of relationship. My son and I are scheduled to have our interview on April 10, 2017 through K-1 and K-2 visa. I’m just wondering what would be the questions to my son upon the interview. how many consul or interviewers will be there to ask me and my son? Thank you for taking time to read this. I wish you more success and blessings in life…


    • Hi Cherrie-Lyn, Thank you for kind words. Oh that’s nice that you are almost close to having a K1/K2 Visa! The consul didn’t really interview my son much he was too young. Please refer on this link for our K1/K2 Interview Experience.
      Goodluck and let me know how it goes. Thanks for stopping by.


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