GCP Seminar at CFO Manila

After I received our passports with K1 and K2 Visa together with the visa packets a week after our Fiance Visa Interview. We attended GCP (Guidance and Counseling Program) Seminar at CFO Manila.

The main objective of this program is to assist Filipinos
– by counseling them about the reality of living in United States and
– prepare them to adopt the practical, cultural and psychological challenges in cross cultural marriage and migration.

CFO doesn’t accept walk-ins since May 2014. You can make appointment GCP Online-Appointment System.

Requirements: You can also find at CFO Requirements Online
– 2 IDs
– Passport with Visa
– Visa Pacckets
– Online Appointment Confirmation

How to go to CFO Manila
I came from Laguna provincial bus to Buendia Bus Terminal. so I rode the LRT from Gil Puyat Station to Quirino and then took a pedicab!. Yes a pedicab not a tricycle, Grab or taxi. I would like my son to experience riding on a pedicab for the first time!

It was 6am so not too hot. woohoooo!

Toy from Mc Donald’s Gil Puyat to entertain the boy

After we arrived there I just realized my son is not needed on the seminar, LOL. Anways we still got some Manila gala mode together! Still a great experience!.

He was just sooo tired after we got home! There’s my little boy with my CFO Stickers accomplishment for the day! 🙂


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