K1/K2 Application for AOS, EAD and AP in US

First of all congratulations on your wedding! Next step is Application for Adjustment of Status or AOS in able to get a Green card and remain legally in the United States at least for 2 years. Along with AOS, starting Jul. 30, 2007 (as per USCIS site) we can also apply AP (Advance Parole) and EAD (Employment Authorization Docs) or usually they called EAD/AP Combo Card with no additional fee. We can also apply combo card separately before or after AOS with a fee,though I find it practical and economical if filed along with AOS.

If AOS, EAD and AP was not filed immediately after the wedding or honeymoon it would probably be still ok as long as you are married with your USC fiancé, for now AOS has no time frame, but USCIS are trying to change the immigration reform law that K1 should file the AOS within 6 months of marriage so keep that in mind.

If you pass 1 year from your Medical examination without filing AOS – you will need to see a civil surgeon and have another full medical examination again ranging from $150-$250 depend on what states you are in.

AOS (Form I-485): Adjustment of Status or Application to Register Permanent Residence
EAD (Form I-765): Employment Authorization Document
AP (Form I-131): Advance Parole or Application for Travel Document

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Requirements for AOS, EAD and AP

It is always safe and accurate to base the required documents on the Original List of requirements from USCIS.gov site → Green Card application for K Non-immigrant under “What to Submit (K-1 Nonimmigrant Applicants)” tab. See screenshot below

K1 and K2 AOS Requirements.1

Screenshot of the list of Requirements is too long to insert here. Go to actual USCIS website to expand the list.

PLEASE NOTE: I submitted my AOS documents last Dec. 2014. It should be your responsibility to check the latest list of requirements at the USCIS website. There are 2 ways to find it:
1.) On the USCIS Fiance Greencard and
2.) On page 8-15 of the Form I-485 Instructions.

From this standard List, I prepared my own checklist for me and my K2 dependent (who is a minor). K2 should have a separate AOS, EAD &AP application. Since there are so many supporting documents to be submitted – I arranged my documents separately in a 3 major expanding pocket folders. It is more clean, organized and less confusing.

On top of the 3 major expanding pocket folders – is my AOS Cover Letter. Though it is not required, it helped me organize and check my files. Click to download sample AOS Cover Letter down below that I made for my own application.

AOS Cover Letter for K1 and K2

Sample AOS Cover Letter for K1 and K2

I also used this list of requirements below as a checklist on each of my sub-pocket folders so it is easy to know what are the content of the folders at a glance. In case you don’t have K2, just remove the checklist for K2 and this is still applicable for K1.

See below detailed required supporting documents that I used in applying my AOS, AP and EAD. Green font is my personal note.

Our Wedding Day: Sep. 24, 2014
Sent AOS, EAD & AP Package: Dec. 6, 2014


  • 1st Sub-pocket Folder: K1 Form I-485 (Green Card Application), Biographic, Admission Record and Other Supporting Documents
    1. G-1145 E-notification
    2. Completed Form I-485
    3. Two Passport Style Photos
    4. Form G-325A, Biographic Information – no longer required.
    5. Copy of government issued photo identification
    6. Copy of Birth Certificate in English format.
    7. Copy of Passport page with non-immigrant visa, admission or parole stamp
    8. Copy of Most Recent Form I-94 Admission Record.
    9. DS-3025 Medical Vaccination Worksheet from St. Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic. (No need Civil Surgeon if you file AOS within 1 year of medical exam)
  • 2nd Sub-Pocket Folder: K2 Form I-485 (Green Card Application) and other Supporting Documents
    1. G-1145 E-notification – same as K1
    2. Completed  Form I-485
    3. Two  passport-style photos
    4. Copy of birth certificate
    5. Copy of passport page with non-immigrant visa, admission or parole stamp
    6. Copy of Most Recent Form I-94 Admission Record
    7. DS-3025 Medical Vaccination Worksheet from St. Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic.
    8. Latest Immunization Record (if available). 
  • 3rd Sub-pocket Folder: Evidence of marriage to the U.S. citizen within 90 days (for K1)
    1. Original copy Marriage Certificate (or just a photocopy of MC is fine)
    2. Wedding Photos (optional)
    3. Evidence of Relationship Photos (optional).
  • 4th Sub-pocket Folder: Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support ) for K1 and K2
    1. Cover Letter of Affidavit of Support from USC Spouse. See sample here
    2. Completed Form I-864 Affidavit of Support (attach the most recent tax year ITR Form I-1040 or Form W-2)
    3. 2013 Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement
    4. 2013 Form I-1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return
    5. 2012 Form I-1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (optional)
    6. 2011 Form I-1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (optional)
    7. Certificate of Employment (optional)
    8. Copy of Birth Certificate (optional)
    9. Copy of Passport (optional)
    10. Form G-325A, Biographic Information (USC Spouse) no longer required
  • 5th Sub-pocket Folder: Copy of Approved Petition Documents for K1 and K2
    1. Copy of  Form I-797C, Receipt /Notice of Action
    2. Copy of Approved Form I-129F (recommended to include this document since Alien # is in here)
    3. Copy of NVC Letter (if available)

This how it looked like after I gathered all the supporting documents. 5 sub-pocket folders are placed in my 1st major expanding pocket folder with all the documents labeled individually by a sticky note. Sticky notes doesn’t stick much to the paper so that is OK. It is not really necessary to label each paper – I just find it easier for me so that I remember every details in my package in case I double check it again and will be easy also for the USCIS officer that will be working on my papers.


1st Major Expanding Pocket Folder: AOS Application for K1 and k2 in a 5 sub-pocket folders having all documents labeled individually.


  • 1st Sub-pocket Folder: K1 Form I-131, Application for Travel Document
    1. G-1145 E-notification
    2. Completed Form I-131
    3. Form I-131 Supplement (Explanation why applying for Travel Document) (optional)
    4. Two US Passport Style Photos
    5. Copy of Birth Certificate
    6. Copy of Most Recent Form I-94 Admission Record
    7. Copy of Passport, Visa and Travel Stamps
    8. Copy of Marriage Certificate(Proof of Legal name change)
  • 2nd Sub-Pocket Folder: K2 Form I-131, Application for Travel Document
    1. G-1145 E-notification – same as K1
    2. Complete Form I-131
    3. Completed Form I-131 Supplement (Explanation why applying for Travel Document) (optional)
    4. Two US Passport Style Photos
    5. Copy of Birth Certificate
    6. Copy of Most Recent Form I-94 Admission Record
    7. Copy of Passport, Visa and Travel Stamps
  • 3rd Sub-Pocket Folder: Copy of Petition Documents for K1 and K2
    1. Copy of Form I-797C Receipt /Notice of Action (optional)
    2. Copy of Approved Form I-129F (recommended to include this paper since Alien # is in here)
    3. Copy of Letter from NVC (optional)

It looks like this after gathering all the papers. 3 sub-pocket folders are placed in my 2nd major expanding pocket folder with all the documents labeled.


2nd Major Expanding Pocket Folder: AP Application for K1 and K2 in 3 Sub-pocket Folders having all documents labeled individually


  • K1 Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization
    1. G-1145 E-notification
    2. Completed Form I-765
    3. Two US Passport style photos
    4. Copy of Most Recent I-94 Admission Record
    5. Copy of passport with non-immigrant visa, admission or parole stamp
    6. Copy of Birth Certificate
    7. Copy of Form I-797C Receipt /Notice of Action
    8. Copy of Approved Form I-129F
    9. Copy of NVC Letter (optional)
    10. Copy of Marriage Certificate (Proof of legal name change)
  • K2 Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization ( I added this list for my K2 about a month later after I sent my AOS package, so I could apply SSN for K2 to be claimed as dependent on our tax returns. So don’t make this same mistake, file Form I-765 for your K2 if you have one.)
    1. G-1145 E-notification – same as K1
    2. Completed Form I-765
    3. 2 US Passport Style Photos
    4. Copy of Form I-94 Most Recent Admission Record
    5. Copy of passport with non-immigrant visa, admission or parole stamp
    6. Copy of of Birth Certificate
    7. Copy of Form I-797C Receipt Notice of Action from Form I-485 (since this is to follow application)
    8. Supplementary Letter with copy of AOS receipt (for me since this is a follow up application)

Only 1 sub-pocket folder in my 3rd major expanding folder. (Should be 2 sub-pocket folders, for K1 and K2)

EAD Packet.jpg

3rd Major Expanding Pocket Folder: EAD Application for K1 and K2

After the 3 major pocket folders were done, my husband wrote a separate personal check for me and my K2 payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security (not “USDHS” or “DHS”). Make sure the name of applicant is indicated on the memo field of the check specially if applying with a K2 so they can determine easily which AOS check payment is being referred to.  Money order, Cashier’s check are also acceptable. Cash is not acceptable.

NOTE: These are the filing fees for K1 and K2 when we applied last Dec. 2014. It is your responsibility to check what is the latest filing fee at USCIS.gov site.

Reference Link: USCIS Form I-485 Filing Fee

AOS Application Fee

Separate Check Payment for K1 and K2

I then placed my AOS Cover Letter, 2 checks and an extra copies of US passport style photos (just in case) in a separate envelope.


AOS, EAD and AP Application Packets

Then I put all 3 major expanding pocket folders and envelope into a one standard box from USPS and sent those all together to Address below using U.S. Postal Service (USPS) deliveries. Remember to always check the latest filing address on USCIS.gov site.

Reference Link → USCIS Direct Filing addresses

USCIS Chicago Lockbox

PO Box 805887
Chicago, IL 60680-4120

  • For Express mail and courier deliveries: like FEDEX, etc.

Attn: FBAS
131 South Dearborn – 3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60603-5517

AOS, EAD and AP Application Packet

AOS, EAD and AP Application Package sent through USPS

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USPS seems to be fast! Got delivered my AOS package ahead of time. Date sent was Dec. 6, 2014 and received by USCIS Dec. 8th. See full details of my K1 Visa + AOS timeline.

USPS tracker

Supporting Links:

Important Links to know in Preparing AOS, EAD and AP Application + Sample filled-up forms.

What’s Next After Filing AOS + Tips on Monitoring the Status


Read this USEFUL TIPS that I learned through USCIS.gov site while filing this AOS, EAD and AP

  1. You can now use your married name in filling up the forms (AOS, EAD and AP) provided that the change of your last name is also indicated on the marriage certificate.
  2. Always use black ink pen in signing the forms. K1 can sign for K2 if K2 is minor (under age 14). See this link Signature Requirements from USCIS.gov site.
  3. For the photocopy of government issued ID, you can use the copy of the front page of the passport or any government issued ID.
  4. Copy of Birth Certificate should be in English, if not – look for a professional document translator.
  5. Do not submit Chest X-Ray CD along AOS documents.
  6. If you received medical examination prior admission to United States and within 1 year upon filing the AOS, then you are not required to have another medical exam or see a Civil Surgeon at this point.
    1. Reference Link: USCIS.gov Medical Examination Requirement.
  7. If Medical Examination in St. Luke’s passed 1 year already upon AOS Application, it is required to have a medical examination and should be conducted by a civil surgeon who has been designated by USCIS. Click here for USCIS Civil Surgeon Locator to find a local civil surgeon near your area and type in your Zip code and State.
  8. Kids’ school here in the US sometimes require them to have their shots be updated, might as well submit your child’s updated Immunization Record along with AOS application.
  9. Either Photocopy or Original copy of Marriage Certificate is fine. I just submitted my original copy of MC because we requested 2 original copies from the municipality after we got married.
  10. Always write your Alien-Number whenever possible, for example at pocket folders, cover letter, checklist, etc. so just in case it got lost inside the USCIS office – it maybe returned to USCIS officer who are handling our documents through Alien-number.
  11. Do not Staple major USCIS forms such as Form I-485, Form I-131, Form I-765 and Form I-1864, use paper clips instead. These paper will go to a scanning machine and removing the staple wire is such a pain for them.
  12. For more useful tips, read Tips for Filing Forms with USCIS and  Tips for filing a petition from USCIS.gov site. I suggest you read the whole articles for your complete guidance, it’s worth reading!


 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does K2 has Alien Registration Number?  No, because on the petition they are the derivative of K1. They will have one after you applied for their AOS.

Q2: Does K2 need separate AOS Application? YES

Q3 Does K2 need to apply Form I-765? Yes, in order to apply SSN for K2 to be claimed as dependent on our tax returns.

Q4: How much is the required income for the USC petitioner? See this USCIS link for Poverty Guidelines for Affidavit of Support.

Q5: In applying Advance Parole, what should I answer on the purpose of the trip? So I took the opportunity to apply Advance Parole along with AOS because it has no fee however I really don’t have a plan of travel at the time of application – I just said to visit my beloved family in the Philippines in case of emergency and have the date estimated to be Jul 1, 2015.

Travel vacation is not a valid purpose. Reference Link: Form I-131 Purpose of Travel

Q6: How many trip should I answer on Form I-131 Advance Parole? You can check “More than one trip”.

Q7: My husband changed the address the time of filing my AOS. Shall we file Change of Address to USCIS? No need if you don’t have pending application or petition to USCIS and have not yet submitted a Form I-864. If you have previously submitted a Form I-864 for someone who immigrated to the U.S., you must complete a Form I-865 within thirty days of the completion of your move. Reference Link → www.uscis.gov/addresschange


Thank you for reading my blog. Press like if you like it and follow me for more informative posts. If you have any questions, please comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can and as far as I know.

Disclaimer: I am not connected to USCIS or any state department, this post is based on my own experience and how I filed my AOS, EAD and AP package. My case will probably be different than your case and situation. Please adjust and re-organize according to your case. Thank you. 

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56 thoughts on “K1/K2 Application for AOS, EAD and AP in US

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  4. Your blog is very helpful. I am married last Nov. 19. But because of budget, it is only this coming April that I will file for aos and ead only.

    During my medical, SLEC has no stock for tdap, should I have to have it now or wait until USCIS ask me so. And also, the forms that I downloaded has no barcodes, is it okay to submit them without it? Thanks in advance

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks Melanie, to answer your questions.

    1. ) I think you should have your DS-3025 Vaccination Record transcribed to Form I-693 so you could have the TDAP vaccine. It’s better to complete it now for your peace of mind. Seeing a Civil Surgeon won’t cost too much. Here’s the link to know a civil surgeon near your area. http://1.usa.gov/1HtzK4Q

    2. ) Form I-485 (Application to Register), Form I-131 (Advance Parole) and Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support) should have Bar Code. Download it first from USCIS.gov site to your computer and when you open it as PDF – you will see a bar code.

    I suggest you also apply the AP since it is free – coz we never know any emergency of travelling outside US. You can also use it any other country not just Ph. 🙂


  6. Thanks for sharing your journey. it’s really helpful. I have concerned for filling AOS, it is okay to file AOS, AED and AP even my I-94F is expire. TIA.


  7. Hi There!

    Do you happen to have a sample accomplished form of Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support) with K2 information. We get so confused with the form.

    Thanks in advance!



    • Hi Darla, for now there is no time frame in applying for AOS as long as you are already married to your US citizen fiance, you’re fine. But they want to change that law in the future to apply AOS within 6 months upon marrying. So keep that in mind. Hopefully now you can put some effort to apply AOS, though you need to secure a medical examination at the civil surgeon near you because your DS-3025 Vaccination worksheet from St. Luke’s is already expired.


    • You can find the A number on your NOA2 (Notice of Approval) or on your copy of Form I-129F. The K2 doesn’t have A number for now until you apply AOS for him.

      Yes, you can file AOS for your K2 later although his AOS fee will be more expensive if you file separately.

      If you file your K2 together with you – $635
      If you file your K2 later – $985


  8. Hi,

    I recently sent my AOS package and thanks to your blog it helped us gather the documents needed easily. I jus wanna ask, cause I followed the format you posted for the check on the bottom left to put the applicants name. Did you not have any problems with it? Thanks 🙂


  9. Hi Dynabel thank you for stopping by.. Nope, I didn’t encounter any problem along the way of our AOS process and didn’t received RFE as well.. You can actually put a name or Alien number specially if you are applying with a K2 so they can determine easily which AOS check you are referring to..


  10. I’m still here in the Philippines and waiting for my MCN so that I can set an appointment for my medical and interview. I am starting reading and gathering information for AOS, EAD, and AP, and I found your blog which is very simple to understand and it is in detailed. I will follow/read your blog instead of hiring an agent since it will cost a lot of money.


  11. Hi Ms Donna, thanks God I found your website. Your blog is very helpful. I even printed out your organized idea for filing AOS. I am married for 10 months now and we are about to report our marriage. One friend of mine said I can file AOS after our 2nd year anniv so I can get the 10-year GC? How true it is? TIA 🙂


    • Hi Lovely, thanks for stopping by. Yes it’s true, however based on what I understand you still have to apply AOS and during the processing or the interview – let the interviewer know about it that you already reached the 2nd wedding anniversary coz you MIGHT be directly approve to permanent residency and not just conditional residency. It’s a good thing however you are just out of status during that 2 yrs, sounds a little risky. Just make sure at that time you already have joint assets or any property under both your name. See my interview experience on this link for your additional reference. http://bit.ly/1hHOZ36


  12. Hi Donna! Thank you for posting this.. seems extremely helpful. I wanna ask about k1 and k2, I have my 7-year old daughter with me. I applied for a social security number the other day and it was successful, I should have it in the mail within two weeks. However, for my daughter, in order to get her social security number, she is required to get EAD. Question, should I wait after I get married and after we apply and get the EAD( and the rest like AOS..etc. ) for both of us or should I just go ahead before the marriage takes place? does it make a difference?

    Thank you 🙂


    • Hi Jaypee, glad this blog is been helpful for both of you and your K2. I suggest for your K2 to apply SSN after the wedding and after application of AOS, EAD and AP. There’s only average of 2 months waiting for EAD card. Or if her Form I-94 is not expired yet, there should be no problem applying SSN for her.


  13. hi don, greetings. i have my k2 which is 15 years old already so i believe his into full payment already.can i file mine ahead of him like a month apart or two? and what are the documents needed for my k2 to file? still AOS AP AND EAD? thanks a bunch


    • Hi Sheree, Thanks for stopping by. Yes you can file ahead of him. Since he is already 15 yrs old and into full payment just like us, the documents needed is same as ours as well as the EAD and AP which is free when you apply together with his AOS.


  14. Hi Donna, a friend of mine referred me to your website. I hope you can help me with my case. I filed my AOS, EAD and AP last October 2015 but using my maiden name. Is there a way for me to correct it to my married name even before it gets processed? They haven’t sent me my biometrics schedule yet.


  15. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for your informative website. I am filling out AOS forms of my wife and two children. Could you tell me exactly what forms are needed for AOS with wifes two children on K-2 visa? Do they need to fill out a They are 6 and 11 years of age. Do they have to fill out a G-325? Is there also an additional filling fee of $635 for each child? Thanks for your help.


  16. Thanks for the quick reply Donna. I’m curious as too why we would need to file a EAD and AP for my wifes children (K-2 visa)? They are 6 and 11 and are not legal age to work anyway. Once they receive the appoved AOS they should be allowed to work when they come of age. Could you give me your thoughts concerning this? Thank you


    • That’s what I thought too at first. As I mentioned on my blog I didn’t apply EAD for my K2 when we applied AOS. After I realized my son need it so we can apply SSN for him, I followed his EAD application after a month I submitted our AOS application. Besides its just free when it is being applied together with AOS. Regards


  17. Hi Donna,
    I was the one who asked help from you with regards to changing my maiden name to my married name when I filed my AOS, EAD and AP. Just to share the good news, I called USCIS and they asked me to submit a letter of request re: change of name together with the corrected forms. One thing I learned you have to send the letter of requests in triplicate copies for each form. Had my biometrics Feb 5 still under my maiden name but by Feb 20th I received my combo card with my married name already. Correction was implemented that fast, although I noticed my signature carried my maiden name, USCIS advised me to go to our nearest USCIS local field office to have it corrected. We’re scheduled soon. God is good! Thanks to your million dollar advice. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Hello Donna… First of all, I would like you to know that I love your blog! it is very informative that I myself doesn’t need a lawyer in order to apply for AOS and EAD, almost everything I need to know is already here. You mentioned that we can already use our married name when filling out the forms like AOS / EAD, I still don’t get what to do, do I need to submit any additional documents or a letter to change name or just write my married name on the forms and submit our marriage license along with it? I haven’t send our application yet… I would really appreciate if you could help me answer these questions as I called the USCIS, and I didn’t get the right information I needed…Thank you so much and God Bless you and your beautiful family…


    • Hi Arlene, thanks for the compliment. You can use your married name when filling out the application. The marriage certificate is the document that will prove your legal name change. Just make sure you use the married name you declared on your MC. I don’t know about other states’ MC form but here in San Diego, our MC form here has a field about the preference on what surname you want to use after the wedding, some use their husband’s name which is more typical, some still use their maiden surname. If the type of your MC has a field that you can write the surname of your preference then go for it.


      • Thank you for your respond Donna, I live in Pennsylvania, and the type of the MC that I have doesn’t have that field of preference to use married name that’s why I was still a bit confused but I read one of the comment on this blog and I called the local USCIS and she confirmed that it is fine to use my married name on the application already as long as I will submit a copy of my MC, I should be good… nevertheless, I am very thankful with all the information you provided on your blog… Thank you so much and have a nice day…


  19. Hello Donna, all this is new to me, as my fiance’ and I are in the beginning stages of applying for a K-2 Visa. I don’t know where to get the form? Or if that’s something only attainable at the consulates office? I really don’t know where to start, so that’s why I’m here, to find out as much information as possible to bring her and our daughter here.


  20. Hello !!

    When you say it’s optional, technically it’s not really required to submit in the packet right?
    Coz I sent my packet today at USCIS for AOS application, but i forgot to send the form G325A of my US citizen husband, is that alright? i am really worried..

    I’ll be more thn happy if you response .. Thank you so much !!


  21. I’ve found your guide to be the best on line anywhere. I’m getting ready to file the AOS for my wife and daughter. I’m still worried about using my wife’s’ married name now, the MC says nothing about name change but SSN paperwork we filed is showing her name change, but i’ll take the chance. Question, on your AOS cover letter..the box with name Visa type and family name. Did you build that with Excel?


    • Hello Clyde, Thanks for your kind words. I created the AOS Cover Letter using Word Document and the table with our name, visa type, etc. was created using excel and then copied ans pasted to the word document.


  22. Running out of time and getting ready to send in all the paperwork, so now I’m questioning all my entries, so.. Question. When the child K2 has no “A” number. When filling out the K2 forms for AOS etc or should we use the parents (K1) Alien number or just leave blank?


  23. Hi! I’d like to ask re: change of name.
    When you filed your AOS,EAD, & AP, how did you put your name on it?
    Because us pinays usually have 2 first names. I’ve read some blogs that some used their 2nd name as their middle name.
    First name/Second Name/Middle Name/Maiden Name

    so instead of First name/Maiden Name/Married Name
    it became First name/Second Name/Married Name

    I haven’t submitted my paperworks yet because of this. I’m totally confused. Hope to hear from you soon!


    • Thanks for stopping by Selina, I do not have a second name, however my son does and what I did was same as the Ph style naming convention based on his birth certificate:
      First name: His first 2 given names
      Middle name: My maiden surname
      Last Name : His surname

      But I think some people use the american style of naming convention which the 2nd given name became the middle name which is also fine.

      I hope this helps.


  24. Thank you so much for putting this information together!
    I’m going between the samples on visajourney and your site. Your photos really make it much easier, thanks!

    Would you happen to know if anything has changed since you have filed? I wouldn’t expect you to follow the latest requirements after you submitted yours. (I know I wouldn’t)
    I plan to follow your guidlines and then check against the gov websites to see if there are any changes, but just wanted to ask in case you knew, as to save time. 🙂

    Thanks again!


    • Thanks for your kind words, I have not check since the last 3 months – I am currently in PI busy taking care of my Mom who is battling stage 4 Ca . It would be good if you double check from the government website to make sure.. Thanks.


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