What’s Next After Filing AOS + Tips on Monitoring the Status

  • 12/06/14 – Sent AOS, EAD and AP Package to USCIS via USPS
  • 12/08/14 – Delivered to USCIS
  • 12/24/14 – Received e-mail from USCIS with Receipt Number and USCIS Link where I can check the status of the case using My Case Status → Case Status On-line
  • 12/31/14 – Received Actual Form I-797C Receipt Notice of action. Note: One receipt per Form Application.
  • 01/10/15 – Received Biometrics Schedule

USCIS Case Status On Line Should look like this. Type in the Receipt Number



Tip: To closely monitor all the application form statuses and history, I recommend to → sign up for an account with my case at USCIS so you don’t always type in your receipt number and check the status per form application from time to time. Creating an account is fast, easy and free!

Create acct2

Single Account simplifies all my case management at once.

I added all the receipt number into the “Add Case” button and was able to see all the Receipt Numbers and ready to be clicked to check each Application Status simultaneously.

Case Sumarry3

As an example: I clicked my I-485 AOS Receipt number and I was able to see its 1.) Current Status 2.) Case History and 3.) Next Steps.

Case Sumarry1Hmm, cool!


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