My B1/B2 Tourist Visa Application Experience

Many of us are afraid to apply for B1/B2 Tourist Visa because we heard lots of stories being denied and they become so disappointed no matter how many supporting documents as an evidence of ties to prove that they will be going back to the Philippines.

Definition of a B1/B2 Tourist Visa:

B1 visas are for business trip such as training, negotiation, buy goods/material, appear on court trial, business conference, etc. While B2 visas are for general pleasure/tourist travel, visit relatives, visit for rest or medical treatment. 

B1 and B2 are combined together in one visa type. It is just being classified separately whether B1 or B2 upon arrival and interview at US Port of Entry.

In preparing for B1/B2 Application, as always, it is recommended to refer to the main legitimate link from Manila US Embassy for the Procedure on how to apply for B1/B2 Tourist Visa. My blog is not a primary procedure on applying for Tourist Visa, it is just only an experience being shared to you. Click here about B1/B2 Tourist Visa and How to Apply?

My B1/B2 Tourist Visa Interview Experience
My Mom’s Successful Tourist Visa Story

From these two links, as a successful B1/B2 Tourist Visa Applicant, here are some steps and useful tips to successfully passed the B1/B2 Tourist Visa Application based on my experience.

  1. Have a Sponsor: This is optional and is not necessary, but since  I have someone to pay for my trip and expenses and I don’t have show money – I decided to have a sponsor document. My sponsor  completed a Form I-134 Affidavit of Support together with the supporting documents below and sent it to me to be shown to the american consul on my interview.
    1. Copy of his latest Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement
    2. Copy of Bank Statement of Account and letter from the bank confirming the account
    3. Deeds or Receipt of the Assets (House, car, etc.)
    4. Certificate of Employment or Employer Letter
    5. Copy of Passport
    6. No filing fee
  2. Pay Application Fee: On my behalf, I paid $160 cash for B1/B2 Tourist Visa (prevailing Philippine peso equivalent) at BPI near my area.
    1. Before going to BPI, print the USA Visa Deposit Slip first that match to the Visa Application and bring it to BPI upon payment. Click here for  Visa Types and Application Fee Amount from US Travel docs and click here to find BPI Deposit Slip.
    2. Always check the latest fee from USEM in applying B1/B2, click here → for the latest USEM Application Fee. It should match the table link above from US Travel docs.
    3. Note: Visa Application fee is non-refundable, the payment is valid for 1 year after the actual payment therefore interview must fall within that 1 year validity.
  3. Gather Required Documents:
    1. 3 Major Requirements
      1. Passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of intended departure from US, in good condition and photo is not damaged.
      2. DS-160, should be completed on line. Click here for DS-160 Form from Consular Electronic Application Center. Provide latest 2×2 passport style photo to be uploaded in DS-160 on line.  Photo Standard Guide. You can always save and continue to fill-up the form later.
      3. Photo. 2×2 colored standard passport style photo taken within 6 months of the current appearance, ears should be exposed without earrings, taken in front of plain white background with a neutral facial expression and both eyes open. This should be a no-brainer since most of the Photo studios knows what is required in passport style photography.
    2. Other Supporting Documents: Evidence of ties to prove that I am going back to Philippines. I provided all of these documents below however during the interview, the consul DID NOT check any of the paper nor to bother ask what are the supporting documents / evidence that I can show to prove I will be going back.
      1. Land Title and PAGIBIG Fund Housing Receipts
      2. Certificate of Employment
      3. BC of my son and his passport to show that he doesn’t have a visa.
      4. I don’t bring any Bank Statement with me since I have a sponsor
      5. No Physical Examination Needed. .
  4. Schedule an Interview. Click here to schedule an interview. Make sure to keep the B1/B2 Visa fee receipt as this is necessary in making an appointment..
  5. During the Interview: Of course this is the most awaited part of the process right?! Click here for My B1/B2 Tourist Visa Interview.
  6. If Issued a Visa: After the interview, the consul will take the passport and will return to the provided address together with the Visa, this is the only time you will know if you are issued a single or multiple entry.

My B1/B2 Tourist Visa in Multiple Entry for 10 years

28 thoughts on “My B1/B2 Tourist Visa Application Experience

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  3. Hi i find your blog very informative thank for the infos but I’m confused why the sponsor visa crossed out? Is this still applicable to file for sponsorhip visa? Thanks



  4. Hi Donna! 🙂 I just want to ask if all the supporting documents for sponsor that your husband sent you are all original copies? Or were those just scanned copies that you printed? Thank you! 🙂


  5. Hi Ms. Donna, I would like to ask something regarding on my US Visa. I already applied US Visa and lucky I was granted multiple B1/B2 Visa last 2012 and it will expire on 2022, but until now I never been use it because I went to UAE to work there. I would like to ask if do i need someone will sponsor to me to get to US or all I need is ticket going to US. I get my US visa before on my previous company here in the Philippines. My worry is if the US immigration will ask me regarding on if I’m still connected to the company I working on before because they are the one make the sponsorship for me to get US Visa.


    • Hi Den Mark, thanks for stopping by. Since you already have a B1/B2 Visa you can travel to United States, all you need at this time is to buy a ticket. However, during arrival at the US Port of Entry, you will be interviewed by the Immigration, First – They will ask What is your purpose of visit, if they are satisfied with your answer only then they will stamp your passport whether it is a B1 or B2 Entry and the length of stay you can stay here in United States. Now my only concern is – same thing with the Immigration – What is your purpose in visiting US? And I hope you would not take advantage on your Visa to stay ILLEGALLY in US. it’s better to follow the rule than to get in trouble in the future. Specially now a days with the new administration. Goodluck.


      • Hi Donna, thank you for your response regarding on my concern, by the way my purpose is only to visit my relatives to have vacations about 2 months. I’m not gonna use it for any ILLEGAL purpose because if I wanted to on the first time they already approve that VISA to me I will not go to UAE to work. The only thing is i don’t want to lose my chance to go to US.


      • That’s nice of you Denmark! You are such an honest person, that’s why the consul trusted you a multiple visa. Btw, I was approved Tourist Visa on same year as you 2012-2022. I suggest make use of your visa and visit nice tourist spot in US. Enjoy your vacation!


    • Hi Ivy, It was my very first passport when I Applied for tourist visa (just like you- I have no travel history) and I did passed the interview for the first time because of my pure and honest intention to go back to my native country after the visit and not to stay illegally in US. Having no travel history is not the reason or potential of getting denied. Let me know how your application goes. Good luck.


      • Oh thank you so much! This made my day! I am scheduled on the 24th . I have a husband and two little ones here and employed. I do have strong ties of going home 🙂


      • That’s great! I don’t see any reason of denial then.. Bring documents just in case (like Your children’s BC and your Marriage Certificate and your Certificate of on going employment) And… Just be confident!


  6. Hi ms. Donna,

    Hope you are doing fine. Your story inspires me a lot 🙂 I have an American BF we met online and chatted for almost 6 months and finally met in person last week in Hongkong and planning to meet again somewhere in June. I am currently working and has a residence permit here in Kuwait and been here since 2014. Like you I don’t want to settle myself without making sure that he’s really the right one and I need to know him better first that’s why He wants me to apply a US tourist visa to visit him and see what life he has in the US and meet his family after our 2nd meeting in June my question is where do you think I would apply here in Kuwait or in Manila? I don’t own a house yet in the Philippines but I have a daughter and she’s with my mom in manila. I am thinking to apply here in Kuwait since I am here and easier for me, how many percent do you think I could get a US tourist visa?

    Thank you so much. 🙂


    • Hi Lien, thanks for stopping by. You can apply tourist visa wherever place is easier for you. Passing tourist visa depends on you and your purpose on visiting the US. As long as you don’t plan or intent to stay illegally in US you should be okay. Let me know how it goes.


  7. Hi Ms Donna,
    Thank you for your time in posting and sharing this informative blog. I just want to ask if you think I can obtained a visa if the reason is I have to bring my 6 year old cousin to his mom in the US. Father is American but left the family so its only my aunt who provides for them.Since then, she wont be able to return home to get his son and I would like to enrol in law school this June making it hard for me to continously take care of him(Im the one taking care of him since birth) as law school is an arduos engagement. I am 24 years old, single, a graduating master degree student and working as a documentation officer in a consultancy firm for almost 2 years. I would like to ask for your opinion if you think my current situation and reason to visit US geared a chance of approval or not. Thank you very much.


    • Hi Camille, thanks for stopping by. I think your purpose of visiting US have a high chance of passing the interview. Just a suggestion, you might also want to add that you would also like to take the opportunity to visit some tourist spot near your Aunt’s place so you could at least enjoy your visit. To make sure bring also document proof (strong ties) that you will be back to PI in connection to your reasons like your Law where abouts. Good luck and Hope to hear from you about your Visa Application.


  8. Hi Ms. Donna. I read your blog about US Tourist Visa. I’m applying for my 2nd time.. my boyfriend and I haven’t met each other not even once and we badly needed to see each other before they go for a long period of deployment. I’m afraid that they won’t allow me to pass the interview for the 2nd time.. I’m a nurse by profession but I’m currently working at real estate in PH. I’m single. I don’t have land title either or thr other supporting docs. But I have my COE. I don’t have any intentions of staying in US. I just want to visit my boyfriend and I will come back to PH when they go for deployment this July. I would like to ask any suggestions from you Ms Donna. Thank you sooo much!


    • Hi Xyl, Thanks for stopping by. I know a friend that passed the Tourist Visa on their 2nd and 3rd application. You can apply for tourist visa for the 2nd time again and prove that you will really go back to Phils. I think for strong justification – you may also show some paper from your boyfriend about his date of deployment, etc. More tips on my Interview Experience on this link. Good luck and let me know how it goes.


      • Thank you so much Ms. Donna. I hope my interview goes well. I sent a PM on your facebook Ms Donna. Thanks and God Bless. 🙂


  9. Hi Ms Donna again.. 😊 I would want to ask suggestions and is there a possibility that they will ask me this kind of question… “It says here that you applied for US visa 1 month ago,what’s the reason why you got denied? what has changed for 1 month ago?” Because I mentioned to you Ms Donna.. this is my 2nd time.. My 1st was last march 2017. Thank you so much! ☺


  10. Hello ms.donna nabasa ko po yung blog mo at we’re mostly the same situation but only my problem po is wla po akong title,nag work po ako ngayon dto sa kuwait at may anak din po ako sa inang boyfriend ko ngayon may boyfriend po akong anerican at kabibisita nya lang last week sa pinas,ant nag balak po kami na mag visit ako sa us next year,what is the best advice po maibigay mo sa akin.thank you po in advance.


    • Thanks for the kind words Kim. As I’ve stated in my article, wealth or any property is not a requirement. If it is so, wala na sanang bumabagsak na mayaman. Whatever strong ties you have based on your life situation that you can justify to the consul that you will not stay illegally in US. Goodluck!


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