Weekend Project – Indoor Plants

Indoor plants helps clean and refresh the air by inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling into oxygen. It helps improve the air quality that relieves stress. Plus it adds decoration at home making the furniture not so lonely.


Here are some indoor plants that I added to our home sweetie home.

Dieff Maryann

Plant Care: Moderate Indirect Light. Well lit room. Evenly Moist Soil. Keep Temp from 62 to 78.


Plant Care: Moderate Indirect Light. Well Lit room. Evenly Moist Soil. Slightly dry between thoroughly watering. Upright plant. Home temp between 62-78.

African Violets

Plant Care: Low to moderate indirect light. Evenly Moist Soil. Upright growing habit. home temps 62-78.


Keep the spacing not too crowded in a medium pot to allow sunlight specially indoors. Less water needed.


Home is where the ❤ is.


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