How to Apply SSN (Social Security Number) using K1 Fiance Visa

SSN Application is easy and its free. Using a K1 and K2 Visa – one way to apply SS Card is apply it right after arrival in US before marriage or before Form I-94 expires and then go back to SSA Office again after the wedding to update the surname by showing the marriage certificate.

Another easier way, in case our Form I-94 expires – we can also apply SSN after EAD/AP Combo card arrived so everything is updated in our SS Card at once. Combo card usually arrived after 2 months upon AOS and EAD/AP Application so it’s not that much of a long wait before we can apply our SSN. Here are the process in obtaining SSN.

  • Gather The Requirements:
    • Original Birth Certificate (as Evidence of Age)
    • Original Passport with K1 and K2 Visa (as Evidence of Identity)
    • Form I-94 or if expired already, Form I-766 or EAD Card should be presented (as Evidence of Immigration Status)
    • Green card (if available only)
    • Marriage Certificate (For proof of Legal Name Change)
    • Completed SS-5 Application Form.
  • Go to Social Security Office Locator and type in your ZIP Code to find the nearest SSA Office near you.
  • Bring the required documents to SSA Office, no appointment needed. It will only take about 15 mins.
SSA Office

Social Security Administration Office near me


At the SSA Office

  • Take the queue number automatically from the automated machine.
  • Our number was called after 2 minutes, then the lady attending our application took the completed SS-5 Application Form and verified the information on the Passport and EAD Card.
  • She just quickly glanced at the Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate and told me its not needed.
  • After couple of minutes of typing, she handed a piece of paper to verify the name that will appear on the SS Card and other information such as mailing address and phone number if there’s any correction.
  • And then a receipt acknowledging the application was given.
SS Application Receipt

Me and my son’s SS Apllication Acknowledgement Receipt.

  •  The actual Social Security Card will be mailed within two weeks after the application.
SS Card

SS Cards arrived through mail after 6 days upon SSN Application.

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12 thoughts on “How to Apply SSN (Social Security Number) using K1 Fiance Visa

  1. Thank you so much! I arrived to the United States 1.5 month ago on a k-1 Visa and I found a lot on informations on your website. I am going for my SSN tomorrow!!!

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  2. Hi. I already have my combo card. Last week we went to ssa to apply a ssn for me and my daughter. I was able to obtain one but they didn’t issue for my daughter. They are asking me for her ead card. We are are not able to file one for her along with my aos coz i thought she will not be needing it coz shes only 7. We really need het to get a ssn so my husband can add her as a dependent for tax return.question is where can i get a ead card for my daughter. Where to file. Is there any fee? How long for it to gets approve? Thanks for you reply.Godbless


    • Hi Grace, the date of expiration on I-94 I think is the date when you should be married and should be within 90 days upon your arrival here in US. Be sure to print your I-94 form for applying AOS, EAD and AP as well. Since you are already 9 months here in US, your I-94 will probably not good for applying SSN anymore, in that case you can represent your Form I-766 or EAD Card or Green card as Evidence of Immigration Status.


  3. Hi Donna! Thank you for all these information – it’s very helpful. I am in the process of filing AOS for my K1 fiancé and her K2 child. I am also wondering how can I get SSN for K2 child given that she is only 4 years old? Can I apply for EAD for her and then get SSN given that she naturally not able to work? It seems from what I read here that you were able to get SSN for your K2 son. Thank you.


  4. Hi Evgeniy, thanks for your kind words. Yeah you’re right, I didn’t apply EAD for my son at first since he is minor, after a month of submitting my AOS, I realized that he also need the EAD so I could apply for his SSN to be claimed as dependent on our tax return. I submitted his EAD application after I sent my AOS package. See AOS application link here
    On another note, it seems like EAD is not just a work permit, it also serve as a valid ID from USCIS for our immigration status while waiting for green card. Coz greencard is unpredictable – sometimes it could arrive immediately about 3 months or it could take a while about 8 months to 1 year, so its good to have EAD while waiting for GC. Hope I answered your question.


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