Our AOS Interview Experience

AOS Interview Date: May 12, 2015
Venue: San Diego California
Status: Approved!

One thing I realized about this AOS Interview is that — Marriage is not enough to prove that the relationship is real and genuine. Unlike other couples who easily undergone their AOS Interview, ours didn’t went well that easy. This interview is the USCIS Officer’s opportunity to get one on one with the couple, to check if the marriage is “for real” and the documents to be shown here is an important factor of their decision whether to grant or deny a green card. Before I begin my Interview questions, here are the following requirements that needs to be brought during AOS Interview.

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AOS Interview Requirements:

  • AOS Interview Appointment Letter
  • Completed Medical Examination Form I-693 in a sealed envelope.
  • Copy of Completed Form I-864 Affidavit of Support with the following:
    • Latest Federal Income Tax and W2 for the past 3 yrs. We prepared only the latest W2.
    • Letter from Employer or Certificate of Employment with compensation
    • Passport and original BC of husband as a proof of US citizenship
  • Documents of Eligibility for Lawful Permanent Resident Status such as:
    • Certified True Copy of Marriage Certificate
    • Passport with copy of I-94
    • Wedding Pictures and other photos of Evidence of Relationship
  • EAD/AP Combo Card as evidence of Immigration Related Document ever issued by USCIS
  • Original Birth Certificate of both K1 and K2.
    • Note: If there’s any, bring also other child’s birth certificate even though not included on the AOS application.
  • Bring Divorce Decree in case either one of the couple was divorced.
  • Supporting Evidence of the Relationship/Documents under both the couple’s name such as:
    • Joint Bank Account, credit cards, etc
    • Insurance (Life or Health Insurance)
    • Properties documents (House, Car, etc.)
    • Utility Bills, Apartment Rentals, etc.
  • NOTE: All documents showed in original copy will be returned at the end of the interview.

AOS Interview Questions and Answers:

As our named called by the USCIS officer from the window where we left our Appointment Letter, we are requested to get inside the office and be seated in front of his office table. First thing the interviewer asked was our passports, Original Birth Certificates and Original Marriage Certificate.

INTERVIEWER: To husband — “How did you met your wife”?
HUSBAND: ”We are working at the same company and e-mailing each other with work related topics first”.
INTERVIEWER: To husband — “When and where did you first met each other”?
HUSBAND: “We first met when I visited the Philippine Manufacturing Site”.

The interviewer was somewhat unsatisfied with the answer so he repeated the same question. This time I backed-up my husband and showed photos of us together with Caption and Dates.

ME:Here’s our photos of 2011 first meeting – my husband went to Philippines 3 times in that year to meet my family, 2012 second meeting, 2013 third meeting, until our 2014 wedding pictures”.
INTERVIEWER:What are the assets or Health and Life Insurance or House Utility Bills that already on both of your names”?
ME & MY HUSBAND: We began to get nervous a little bit in this question. “For now we only have Health Insurances” and then we showed the medical cards. “We are still working on the other stuff. And by the way we are also 18 weeks pregnant”.
INTERVIEWER:OK yeah, I noticed your baby bump. Do you have pregnancy medical paper or Ultrasound showing you are pregnant”?
ME AND MY HUSBAND: We totally began so nervous, this interview is so hard LOL! I just said – “sorry we forgot to bring the ultrasound result”.

Then the Interviewer checked some of the papers of my son while dropping some questions to him – what grade he is in, who is his teacher and who is the current president of the United States, and my son answered all the questions just fine.

After that, he said our green card will be ordered and will arrive average of 10 days. Then he lend us the Removal of Condition Application Slip, had our signatures and discussed the conditions that within 90 days prior to expiration of our green card — we MUST file the Form I-751 Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence otherwise we will automatically be terminated and will subject to deportation from the United States.

One piece of advice from the Interviewer → by the time of ROC Application, we SHOULD be able to show any proof or evidence that we are living together like joint bank accounts, assets and utility bills under our name already plus the BC of our incoming child that will show strong evidence of real and genuine marriage.

ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT NOTE: If for some reason you and your spouse have reached the 2nd wedding anniversary already since the filing of AOS application, let the USCIS Officer or Interviewer know about this matter because you might be approved directly to permanent residency and not just the conditional residency. I think it’s a good thing, it’s just you’re out of status within that 2 years not filing AOS immediately, sounds a little risky though… Just make sure at this time you already have joint assets or any property or insurances documents under both of your name.

Removal of Condition Application Slip

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One thought on “Our AOS Interview Experience

  1. Thanks for writing this! Very helpful. I’m about to send my AOS/EAD/AP packet and am trying to read up on what’s coming ahead.


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