Being Pregnant for the Second Time

Even before our marriage took place last 2014, we already decided of having an additional baby in the family. As we see my son grows up alone by himself, the more we see his need of having a sibling.

I recall 8 yrs ago during my first pregnancy – I am one of the most lucky woman who didn’t encounter any problem or any weird feeling like morning sickness, dizziness and nausea/vomiting along the way of my pregnancy – just normal and smooth. I am expecting it would be the same way as my 2nd pregnancy. The only question is how soon we be successful?

At first try, before our Pregnancy Test – It was weird… as early as 3 days delayed for my period I am starting to feel so dizzy that last almost the whole day. We did test using the Clear Blue Digital PT to find out and nothing really made us happy to know we are pregnant! Really?! At the First try? So does this gave me the conclusion why I felt so different.

Positive Digital Pregnancy Test

That was awesome! Although as opposed to what I expected, my first trimester was such a pain – I was so sensitive to smell, food and morning sickness keep bugging me almost the whole day… our house been cluttered and cannot really move that much. The foods that help me alleviate those morning sickness was eating healthy food like fruit and veggies and any meal that has ginger and it works!

Now I am over with my first trimester and thank goodness the bad feeling just went away, I started to feel normal again and be able to clear out what’s cluttering on my mind and do some fun stuff. Yay! Although Gender Reveal parties are not so popular before – this time around I feel so excited preparing for it. We already knew the gender through blood test however this little kiddo and the rest of the family doesn’t know yet so we decided to plan some fun activity for the family this coming father’s day after dinner – a baby doll in blue or pink dress inside the box to be open by Raymond and his cousins that will reveal the gender!

Will it be a boy or a girl?

Gender Reveal


My Children are my Angels


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