How to make DIY Gender Reveal Surprise?

Since I’m preggy and get tired easily. I just want to make a simple and easy DIY gender reveal surprise. Now a days gender reveal parties are getting popular, there are so many ideas through the internet and one of the most popular is the cake cutting, however it’s kind of becoming just a usual thing….Think of something that will make it more unique and funny! 😉

1. Just baked a premix Duncan Hines cup cakeEasy Gender Reveal Cupcakes

2. Filled it up with gender color: Pink for Gal and Blue if Boy.
Easy Gender Reveal Cupcakes

3. Covered with frosting to make it look clean and neat.

LIGHTROOM (3 of 1)

…and then decorate it

LIGHTROOM (4 of 1)

 And then placed it in a cardboard cup cake holder from Walmart and had some cut outs.

Easy Gender Reveal Cupcakes

4. Enjoy the gender reveal cupcakes with kids

Easy Gender Reveal Cupcakes


As easy as it is! Not so fancy but made us enjoy the gender reveal! 🙂
How to make gender reveal cupcakes?Hubster and I decided to pull a mini prank for adult to open a baby doll in a box in a box. How about that?! 😉

Gender reveal doll in a box in a box


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