My Fear of Down Syndrome Blood Test Result

In our first prenatal check up with OB-GYN during 9 weeks of my pregnancy, we are excited to see our little one through ultrasound. Yet so tiny nothing really make us realize and happy to know we are having additional angel to the family. 9 weeks fetus After the check-up we are so overwhelmed with joy and happiness, the doctor asked us if we want to know if the baby has the possibility of having down syndrome (?) by under undergoing down syndrome blood test, I answered the doctor – Yes! Sure we would like to know! Then the assistant gave us the recommendation and request papers to have the blood test at Lab Corp.

After arriving at home – “Wait a minute! What is the meaning of this lab requests?!!” Oh God I realized I am about to know real soon if I’m having a normal baby or not and that is really shocking! When I got pregnant with my first baby back in PI, I don’t have this kind test nor Amniocentesis. Nowadays, they have this blood test (noninvasive test) to know if you are having down syndrome baby and what is the gender. But literally, thinking about this put my husband and I into sleepless nights.

When I got to the lab, they withdrawn 8 tubes of blood, it is sinking in to my mind more about this test. And then have to wait a phone call from my OB GYN for about a week or two regarding the result. After two weeks, I had a bunch of missed calls from the clinic, I was busy with all the household chores that’s why I wasn’t able to hear my phone ringing. I knew it was about the “result”. Then the next day I waited for their call, Finally phone rang… OMG this is it!!!

Clinic assistant: “We already have the result of the DS Blood Test, are you ready to know?”
Me: (playing it cool but nervous) Yeah! Sure!
Clinic Assistant: “The fetus has no abnormality! And you would like to know the gender too?”
Me: “OMG! Can you repeat that again? Do you mean my baby is normal? No Down syndrome?” (Making sure I heard it right)
Clinic Assistant: “Yes the baby is normal, and would you like to know the gender?”
Me: “OK thanks! Yeah sure I would like to know the gender.”
Clinic Assistant: “It’s a girl!”
Me: (This time I can’t control my happiness anymore, I almost shout for joy) “Oh my! Thank you for this wonderful news! we are hoping its a girl! (the clinic assistant congratulate me and then end of call)


It was so much joy and happiness! Double blessing – a normal baby girl,  whether it’s a boy or girl as long as the baby is ok. Having a baby girl is a bonus! Nevertheless if it turned out to be a down syndrome baby – we will still keep her! Nothing will change.


down syndrome blood test

Big brother Raymond happy to have a baby sister


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