DIY – Baby Shower Preparation

It’s my 34th week of pregnancy and it’s the time for my baby shower this coming Saturday! Made a DIY for our simple Baby Shower party from Invititation, banner, games and favor bags. Free printable excel template at the bottom of this post.

Baby Shower DIYs

DIY Baby Shower Banner.  I just printed it in a white bond paper and stick to construction paper so it will be more thicker.


We will be having 2 Games for this event called

  1. Guess How many candies in a jar and
  2. Tie the shoes without popping the balloon inside the shirt

Prize for the 2 games: Scented Candles

Baby Shower game prize

Printed an instruction for Guess how many candies in a jar game and put it in a photo frame, small cards for the guess to write their names and best guess and a box to drop their answers.

DIY Guess how many candies in a jar

Last but not the least – Party Favors! I just bought a plane pink bag at Walmart and decorate it by my self, punched a hole on two sides and put a ribbon on it as a handle and stuffed with notebook and pen with candy since most of the guess are adults.


Baby Shower favor bag content

Free Printable DIY for Baby Shower in Excel

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