Update on our Baby Shower Party!

We had a Baby Shower Party at Funbelievable Indoor Playground for kids in Lakeside CA,  since most of our guests have kids ~ It is easy to manage and stress free that way to handle kids running around at the party. The party package for 15 kids comes with a private room that we occupied from 1Pm to 3pm and a 3 boxes of pizza and juice and then we ordered additional pizza,  vegetable salad and Juices for adults.

We just actually converted the birthday party package into a baby Shower party so we could still rent the building for this party. And then the kids can stay playing at the Indoor Playground even after the party. Kids had so much fun and my son made a new friend!

We adults had so much fun as well by this baby shower party that also happen to be our baby’s name revelation, yes they don’t know the name yet until the baby shower party plus lots of fun games! Everything turned out to be good! I am more thankful for the people – friends and families that come to celebrate with us than anything else, they made this wonderful baby shower possible.

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Excited for the arrival of Baby Audrey!

Me and my Happy Family! ^_^

Me and my Happy Family! ^_^


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