Kids’ Bedroom Improvement Part 2

After changing the carpet to wooden floors and painting the walls from our Kid’s Bedroom Improvement Part 1, Raymond’s toys, books and stuff organization is the next problem. Of course boys will be boys with their lots of toys and clutters!

We put a bunk bed (for our upcoming 2nd baby) and a big shelf that helps me organize all kid’s random stuff.

Kid's bedroom organization


On this space between bunk bed and dress cabinet, I was thinking of putting on a toy shelf but that will be for keeping toys only, so we decided to put a bigger shelf from Ikea. In that way I can put their random stuff – books, toys and baskets for their clutters!

Yes, a basket to organize their clutters! I find basket a good idea to throw any random stuff so when you look at it, it seems like very organize but the clutter is still there! Oh well, in real life – clutters can’t be avoided! 😉

Kid's organization shelf


Kid’s book and toys basket on the lower shelf that Raymond can easily reach and put back after he finished playing. Hmm good boy, easy for me!

toy's basket


“A place for everything, and everything will be in place” 


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