#CultureShock: Sending Greeting Cards

One of the Culture Shock in a GOOD WAY that I like is sending Greeting Cards to families and friends. From Simple Birth Announcements, Birthday cards to New Year greetings.

I remember when I was a kid – our parents always tell us to write a greetings to our grandparents, Uncles and Aunties but when the internet era came, it seems like sending cards were forgotten already.

I love giving and receiving greeting cards is because people can really have something to touch, they can see your handwriting and they can really feel that they are remembered.

Number of Stamps: I normally put 1 stamp within United States, 2 stamps in Canada and I put 3 stamps in Philippines and UK. Within US and Canada took about 2-5 days to reach the recipients and about 2 months to reach Ph Recipients.

Birth Announcement2

Audrey’s Birth Announcement Card

Tula Infant Insert (3 of 1)

Family Holiday Card 2015




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