The Day After The Halloween


After Halloween, Raymond and Audrey’s Halloween Basket of Candies!

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Halloween Basket

My Pink Monster still into the character attacking those candies!

Pink Monster Toddler

Playing with her got so much fun! Plus I got a little practice of my photography.

Those fur and tail! So Epic! 🙂

Pink Monster Toddler

Trying to lift her brother’s Halloween Candies!

Pink Monster Toddler

Kinda Heavy.

Pink Monster Toddler

Can she lift it up?

Pink Monster Toddler

Yes she can! 😉

Pink Monster Toddler

Yey! Candies!

Pink Monster Toddler

Audrey in Pink Monster Costume- 12 Months and 3 weeks Old


“Let the kids play for they will only be kids once”


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