Behind The Wheel Test – 1st Take

Jan. 20, 2017: My Behind The Wheel Test.

The weather is sooo bad! Raining so heavy, so windy and some flooding around the area. Me and my husband got at the DMV office on time of our appointment. We first checked in ~ the lady on the Behind The Wheel Appointment Counter checked the Learner’s Permit, Proof of Insurance and Registration and then after that we were told to fall in line for the Driving Test.

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At the line while waiting for my Driving Test. The weather is sooo bad!

Driving Test: After checking in and falling in line, the DMV Officer told my husband (with my baby) to exit the car and did the following:

  1. Checked the signal lights of the car (Left and Right) on Front and Rear. – Ok
  2. Asked me to show where is my Defroster, Wind shield wiper, Defroster and emergency break. – That went ok
  3. Asked me on how to do hand signal – that went ok except I missed the break hand signal (minor).

After checking those items, the DMV officer ride on the car and we just basically go around the DMV Office area. I did great on everything, light signals, smooth acceleration and breaking, etc. except for one mark on Critical Driving Error which should be no marks on that section, there’s an instance that I was told to go on the right and I did signal and go on the far most side of the lane without noticing there’s a “Bike Lane” in there!.. Oohhh Mamia! The rain almost blurring the chipping off painting on the road enough for me not to notice it..

Anyways, the DMV Officer explains everything to me and at that point I knew I got disqualified- I just smiled and said “Thank you and I will Improve Next time” to show a good gesture.

Quick TIP: 

  1. Drive around the DMV Office before your Driving Test Appointment Date accompanied by a person with California Driver’s License (age 25 and over) so you get use to the area, because it is most likely the area where the DMV Officer will hold the Driving test.
  2. Check the Weather Forecast – I knew it will going to rain in my Driving Test Date however I took a risk on this date since my husband had a Friday Off and this is the nearest date I can get at this time. 1st Take unfortunately was not a success so I have to set an appointment again on his next Friday Off.


Some of the Helpful Videos worth watching before the Driving Test:

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  4. Behind-the-wheel Driving Test. California. 2016
  5. How to Parallel Park | Pass the Road Test – In case the DMV Officer will test for Parallel Parking, nonetheless it’s still good to know this technique.
  6. Parallel Parking Easy and Simple – more technique to parallel park


Patience is a Virtue


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