Mom’s US Trip – Temecula CA Park & Family Photo Shoot

We love going to Temecula CA. Lots of things to do. Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Churches and Parks are pretty close to each other in just a walking distance! How neat is that!. After running an errand – we walked at the Temecula Duck Pond and did a li’l photoshoot of the Grandma and kids.

Audrey with the Grandma ❤

Lemme tell you, It was a big challenge to have a good picture coz my daughter is a real handful. She always wants to run!

Sometimes stroller is better for our peaceful walk. 😀

What a precious moment: Stolen shot of Grandma and Raymond, reminding him not to forget his Tagalog and how important to remember his first language so he can communicate both English and Tagalog.

The best picture we took with Grandma. I must say my kids are too young to behave on photo shoot! LOL!

The best picture of these two lovable trouble makers lol!

And of course our 3 girl Generation photo shoot.

It’s the season to spend time with your love ones. Just take time.


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