Our Living Room and Playroom Reveal + How to keep it Organized & Clean!

Houses sometimes can have a big Living Room but small Kitchen or vice versa. Ours has a big Living Room (30 x 17 ft) which now a days people call it a Great Room.

Kid's Playroom Before and After

Great Room

After we moved into our new home, we decided to decorate first the Great Room. We divided it into two areas – Adult living room area and Playroom for kids so we can make them busy and entertained while we’re improving and decorating other rooms.

First, we looked at every corner of the Great room – play around with the lay out and then measure, measure, measure, yes lots of measurement. And then we looked for the furniture that best suit for our measurements and needs. I love to look at IKEA, plenty of furniture and accessories to choose from specially for kids!

Here’s how it looks after some planning and execution.

Playroom (51 of 1).JPG


Playroom Reveal_2.jpg

Great Room with divider cabinet to separate Adult Living Room and Playroom

List of Furniture & Accessories According to Numbers:

1.) IKEA Trofas Wall Storage – Storage for baby wipes, grooming kit, etc. I like these items easy to access for me specially baby wipes because I always clean almost about everything.
2.) IKEA Trofas Frame and Trofas Storage Boxes – Storage for small toys like cars, animals, small characters, LEGO pieces, etc.

Playroom Ideas_3.jpg

A closer look at Items 1 and 2

3.) IKEA Besta Storage Units, we built it according to the purpose of having the divider and storage at the same time. Here are the parts below.
> Besta Frame White  – 2 pcs.
Besta Doors – 4 pcs.
> Besta Shelf Unit – 4 pcs.
> Nannarp Leg – 8 pcs., I chose aluminum material type of leg instead of the wood material so it’s more durable and sturdy.
4.) IKEA Besta Boxes – 8 pcs.
5.) IKEA Kallax 1×4 – With Smart TV on top of the Kallax, I put these together to block the fire place at the same time for toy storage.
6.) IKEA Drona Box Storages – Foldable storage box for toys.
7.)  Kaikai & Ash Toy Storage Bins – Love these foldable cute boxes with art. They are very cute, sturdy and nice quality and is a real charmer for kids’ room!
8.) KidKraft Vintage Kitchen – I love the sleek design and color, really matches with the theme of our house.
9.) IKEA Kallax 4×4 – For books and more toy storage.

Playroom Ideas_4.jpg

A closer look at items 5 to 9

10. IKEA Mammut Table and Chairs – Kids love this set of table and chairs, they are more eager to play and learn.
11. IKEA Mala Easel and Mammut Children’s stool – Must have for kids.
12. Laminated Educational Posters for Toddler – Visual poster for kids learning.
13. Interlocking Foam Floor Mats – Kids can get a little messy sometimes, so I put these foam floor mats for easy cleaning. I chose black color because kids toys and art materials are already colorful, so it can be easily seen during the clean-up time plus its really painful in the eye if both kids stuff and floor are both colored.
14. IKEA 5×5 Kallax – More storage for adult and kids like throws, blankets, etc.
15. Same as no. 3 – Divider between Adult Living Room and Playroom

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TIPS To Maintain Your Playroom Organized, Clean and Safe:

Always maintain “5S”, it is from a Japanese culture that describes how to organize a work space for efficiency and effectiveness – it can also be applied for household. It stands for:

1.) SORT (Seiri): Sorting though all items in a specific location and removing all items that are not needed anymore. Put labels for everything.
2.) SET IN ORDER (Seiton)
3.) SHINE / SWEEP (Seiso): Sweeping and cleaning.
4.) STANDARDIZE (Seiketsu): For household this can be – standardizing the routine and activities for kids, for example circle time and giving only one toy at a time.
6.) The 6th “S” is SAFETY – 
Always think “Safety First”. Should be NO tripping hazard, NO dangling wires, etc. to prevent accident. Make sure to always perform 5S after playtime!

Here’s my kiddos enjoying their Playroom


“Provide a place for everything, and everything will be in place” 



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