Naturalization Oath Ceremony -San Diego Ca

June 19, 2019
Golden Hall San San Diego Ca
Oath Ceremony Schedule: 8:00AM

We arrived at 8:00 AM exactly – long line to get in to the Hall. An officer assisting the line told us to fall in a separate line with Senior Citizens, With disabilities and With baby strollers.

So we got in quickly. It’s a big Hall! The family members goes to the 2nd floor.
Oh how I wish we can be seated together.

And I was on the main Hall

After being seated at the Main Hall is a WAITING GAME.

Before the ceremony, there were couple of people spoke about what to expect after being Naturalized such as
– Being able to apply for a US Passport
– Update Social Security
– Be able to vote
– Petition family member, etc.

And finally…. The ceremony starts at about 10AM

After the Ceremony, you will surrender your 10 yr Green Card. Since there were usually hundreds of people at the San Diego Area, the lines are split into multiple lines by the start of your Surname.

And there you go! This is the last glimpse of my 10 year Green Card!

Finally me and my boy become Naturalized!

My baby bear fell asleep! 😀

Say Happy!


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