My Son’s US Passport Application Part 1 of 3

I applied my son’s US Passport the same time I applied my US Passport.

Raymond is carrying his biological father’s last name with a signature at the back of his birth certificate so I knew from the beginning that this would be a challenge.

I prepared all the documents required, except I do NOT have the parental consent document DS 3053 from his bio father since I do not have communication with him anymore. I am expecting the DS-5525 Statement of Exigent will be sufficient.

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Remember that the minors are not included on the Oath taking ceremony. As per Child Citizen Act (CCA) of 2000 and INA 320they automatically acquire US Citizenship if at least one parent is a US Citizen by birth or by Naturalization.

Therefore my son automatically become a US Citizen upon my Naturalization however there is no certificate for them showing the status of being a Naturalized US Citizen.

If you want to seek a Certification of Citizenship for minors:
1. You must submit an application Form N-600 to obtain a US Citizenship from USCIS which cost $1,170.
2. Or apply for a US Passport with the Department of State to serve as an evidence of US Citizenship.

I preferred Option 2 – Apply for a US Passport to serve as their status of citizenship to avoid application fee $$$ and also to avoid the hassle of showing green card and parent’s document, etc. etc. in case we travel outside the US.

Raymond on my Naturalization Oath Taking Ceremony

Here’s the link Requirements for the US Passport for Children under 16. And below are the requirements I provided for him:

  1. Filled-out Form DS-11
  2. My Certificate of Citizenship (Original)
  3. My driver’s license as my Identification
  4. My son’s birth certificate – to establish my relationship with him as a mother
  5. Passport size Photo – white background
  6. Application and Execution Fee: $80 + $35
  7. Both legal parents should appear → his father is living outside US!
  8. They asked for DS-3053 Parental Consent of the non-appearing parent → I didn’t show any since I do not have communication with him anymore.
  9. They asked if I have a Sole Custody document → I do not have any paper like this to show.
  10. They have me filled up the DS-5525 no communication with non-appearing parent.

They accepted my son’s application, fee and my statement on the DS-5525 at the time of application. When we left the Passport Service building – we just crossed finger the application will go through!

After 3 weeks of waiting on our Mail Box- we received a Letter from the State Department – Additional Information is needed! Ugh! Not good! 😒

The US State Department is very strict on US Passport Application for minors, they need both the legal parents to appear on the minor children’s US Passport Application.

If one of the legal parent cannot appear, they require either one of the following:
~ Notarized Parental Consent DS-3053 or
~ Court order granting Sole Custody or
~ If cannot locate the father – DS-5525 should be filled up and they will try to verify the location/whereabouts of the non-appearing parent.
~ Adoption decree if the applying parent is the sole adopting parent
~ Death certificate if the non applying parent already passed away.

Full details of Letter from State Department


June 19, 2019 – Naturalization Oath Taking
Aug. 1, 2019 – My US Passport Application
Aug. 1, 2019 – My son’s US Passport Application Part 1 of 3
Aug. 19, 2019 – Received e-mail for my son’s US Passport need more info
Aug. 23, 2019 – Received my US Passport and my son’s actual letter of denial

See this link for Full K1/K2 Visa to Naturalization Timeline


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