How to make Colored Pasta for playing

Colored pasta is one of the most easiest sensory material that can be created using ingredients that you might already have at home. And there are tons of ways to play with them – Sensory play, color matching, fine motor activities, math manipulatives, pretend play & more! I prepared this to my daughter & playmates and they immediately dig in to this! Hours and hours of fun, playing and learning!

For this particular activity, I used the wheel pasta that I found on sale at Albertsons – 2 boxes for $3.
2 boxes of 16Oz. – De Ceco Rotelle no. 54 Wheel Pasta
1 – Tbsp Alcohol
Squirt of Food Coloring (I used Wilton brand)
Ziploc Sandwich bag

1. Place about 1 cup of pasta on a Ziploc bag.
2. Add in alcohol and a squirt of food coloring.
3. Shake it until alcohol and food color incorporates.
4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to all different colors as you would like.
5. Let it dry for about an hour or two.
Note: After about 2 hours, I usually transfer the colored pasta to a new Ziploc bag per color so it is clean when it dries.


Sensory Play and Fine Motor Practice:
Scoop and Transfer Sensory Play – simply give them set of fine motor tool, bowl, any kind of toys and they are good to play!

Color Match using Construction paper:
Cut out construction paper in different colors and match the colored pasta.

Color Match using pipe cleaner
Kids learn how to analyze by picking the color and match the same color of pipe cleaner. Good fine motor exercise using eye and hand coordination!

Pre-writing Activity:
Prepare a colored baking cups or colored bowl and have them transfer/match the same colored pasta using a spoon. Holding a spoon is same as properly holding a pencil. They enjoy and learn at the same time!

Color Match by stacking them:
Prepare Kabob skewer and colored play dough or a block of foam. At first I let them color match and stack them, later this can be use as a math center by having them count the colored pasta. Another great idea for fine motor practice and math manipulatives!

Pretend Play:
Or simply enjoy pretend play with your kids, like cook and feed your Teddy bear! 🙂

WARNING: This sensory play needs supervision by parent or guardian specially for younger kids as this can be a choking hazard. Have a fun and safe play time!


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