Easter Activities Day 2

Day 2 of the Easter week and just getting more and more fun for the kids as we approach the Easter day! Here are 3 easy activities that you can also do as well with your kids.

When kids got into the spirit of the season, they enjoy learning and engage into the activity really well. Good thing there are so many resources online that can be downloaded for free. Here are some of the good finds I applied into my Pre-K to K Homeschool Curriculum.

Roll the color cube and color the eggs
Easter Number Trace
Hopping Bunny Tracing Lines

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* To all the content creators that put this wonderful worksheets together, thank you so much! We are really putting this into a real good personal use!

Kids love some action! This activity is one of the game changer to strengthen their math ability at very early age. Roll the dice, count the dots and smash the eggs with corresponding number!

The popular baking soda + vinegar science experiment for kids the Easter way. Good for Fine motor development specially toddler age.

– Empty Egg Plastic Containers
– Colored Easter Egg (Half)
Eye Droppers Sensory Tool – Awesome Amazon finds, they are very useful for my Homeschool
– Baking Soda
– Food Coloring – I used Wilton brand for brighter color
– Small glass containers
– Vinegar
– Water

– Semi fill half of the Easter eggs with baking soda.
– Squirt food coloring, add more baking soda to cover the food color. Set aside.
– Fill the glass container with vinegar about 80% full and add water to completely fill the glass.
– Have fun squirting in and out the vinegar solution to the Easter eggs to unlock the color!


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